Squishy Circuit

Squishy Circuits uses conductive and insulating play dough to teach the basics of electrical circuits, a perfect blend of play and learning! Our play dough kits, projects, and recipes teach problem solving and engineering concepts and inspire creativity and independent thinking. Learn more here


1. Put four AA batteries in the battery pack. The back of the battery pack slides off easily. 

2. Make 2 different shapes out of the playdough. I made a full moon and a crescent moon because of the Ninja Club book. 

3. Put the metal part of the red wire into one piece of playdough and the metal part of the black wire into the other piece of the playdough. 

4. Add the LED lights between the two pieces of clay. The slightly longer wire must be put in the playdough where the red wire is attatched.

This is just a simple example that shows something you can do with squishy circuits…its a pretty simple affordable product, playdough, does work, but then you need wires, batteries, stripping tools, and the led lights. if I were a parent, I would buy it in a box for my class I would make it all there and the kids would cut and strip the wires, etc and we would make our own playdough. Check out video below for further examples

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