I feel the Need for STEAM

I look for ways to incorporate STEAM activities into picture books in ways where others may not see an obvious connection.

Laura Gehl has also graciously agreed to let me use her charming book for October, AROOOOOOOO!  So I am rolling out the website with her amazing book, The Ninja Sleepover Club.  Did you know that you could make a robotic ninja out of a cup and a Hexbug? And a nightlight out of playdough? I do now, and you will too if you keep checking out this website.  You can even learn about two ingredient moon dough every Ninja needs in their Ninja tool kit! I have 3 pages of notes with STEAM ideas for this book. 

Again, many more ideas than I can possibly feature on my website. But, what fun I have had researching it all. 

My goal is to feature one author and book a month and STEAM up their book for teachers, parents, and students.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like your book featured.  I am a math science elementary school specialist with over 25 years of experience who has been trained in Washington D.C. and was STEM before STEM was STEM.  I was a Teacher of the Year and Space Educator of Colorado. My goal is to make greater learning opportunities possible with picture books which is something I have a lot of experience with because of my grant work. 

In Soaked, by Abi Cushman, who has graciously agreed to allow me to feature her beautiful book next which is about a very wet bear with sad eyes (bees in my stomach) has a hula hoop landing on a tree following a cartwheel. (Simone Biles gives that a high 5!) The probability of that happening is a million to one, so I have created a PVC math tree probability activity for students to make predictions, toss hoops, and then test their predictions. I have a separating sediment activity, given all that flooding and water, and icky wet dirt. I have a water purification activity as an extension for those that wish to take the science a step farther. You can purify water pretty easily, and it is a fascinating thing for children to do. I have water cycle activities, including an original chant with actions my students love. I even have included a few Library of Congress Primary Source Ideas with Analysis Worksheets for teachers or homeschoolers who are looking for higher-level thinking skill activities. Perhaps it is time someone redesigned the umbrella, with or without bees on it. I have created an original “sad-eyed” bear quote art activity which is perfect given 2020 and COVID-19. I have so many activities ready to go for Soaked, and am quite Stoked!  It will be impossible to include all of them!  

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